E-commerce CRO Audit

Looking to enhance your user experience, increase conversion rates, and boost average order values on your e-commerce website? Our team of expert e-commerce strategists and UX/UI designers can conduct a comprehensive UX / CRO audit to prioritize your backlog with improvements. We can collaborate with your development team and provide design mockups to enhance your site’s functionality and UX.

Ecommerce UX designer collaborating on conversion rate optimization for site
UX and CRO audit for ecommerce brainstorm

E-commerce UX/CRO Audit

If you’re seeking ways to enhance your e-commerce website’s performance, we can help. Our team specializes in conversion rate optimization and user experience design for e-commerce companies like PamperedChef, Bartesian, CustomInk, and more.

The best way to get started is through our UX/CRO audit where we can identify opportunities for improvement that align with your long-term business goals, increase key metrics like average order value, and more. Our UX/CRO audit deliverables can be customized to your team’s needs, but typically include:

  1. Screen-by-screen teardown and screen recording
  2. UX/CRO opportunity analysis including actionable quick wins and larger site enhancements
  3. Heatmap and user session recording analysis
  4. Unmoderated user testing
  5. Competitor analysis

We can work with your team to prioritize a backlog of opportunities identified in the UX/CRO audit, create UX/UI design mockups, user stories, and requirements to pass off to your development team in tools like JIRA and Trello to streamline the process from start to finish.

By optimizing your e-commerce website’s conversion rates and user experience, we can help you increase average order value, streamline path-to-purchase, implement personalization to upsell, enhance customer satisfaction, and ultimately boost your business’s success.

UX designers and product strategy consultants collaborating on B2B SaaS product
Senior UX designers working on new B2B SaaS product

E-commerce Strategy and UX/UI Design

We regularly work with e-commerce teams to achieve their design goals. We can assist with everything from complete redesigns and feature design, to providing ongoing Agile design support as an embedded member for your team. Our e-commerce designers have a wide range of skills including UX/UI design, user research, and Agile product management working with e-commerce brands and other Agile product teams that enables us to quickly adapt to your business needs and fill any internal skill gaps you may have.

We’ve worked with a wide range of e-commerce clients from PamperedChef, Bartesian, CustomInk, and more.

Scenic West quickly completed an excellent redesign of our homepage ahead of the critical holiday selling period.

Mark T.
Brand Director at Bartesian
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