One of our CEO’s first freelance clients is still working with Scenic West ten years later. We believe that our long-standing relationship with that client, Crowd Wisdom, is proof of our excellency as an agency and our ability to create meaningful and lasting results through our work.


Crowd Wisdom is a learning management system that is utilized by companies and associations for a large range of use cases. We served as a long-term user experience partner of the CW founder and team from their startup days through two acquisitions. 

Our work

  • We’ve partnered with the Crowd Wisdom team on dozens of client implementation projects to expand their existing white label templates and features – reimagining what’s possible for their LMS platform. 
  • Partnering with them on client projects, we’ve also help numerous organizations increase their revenue from certification or online education products or launch new offerings. We've led UX work for custom client implementations for Intel, 3M, American College of Cardiology, March of Dimes, and dozens more. 
  • Our early work with the team informed long-term key product features, such as their quiz engine. We've also collaborated with the founder of Crowd Wisdom on new products. 
  • Our work with Crowd Wisdom LMS over the years has created a passion for education tech and creating engaging and inspiring online learning experiences. While over the years we’ve worked with many education tech clients, the organizations we’ve collaborated with partnering with Crowd Wisdom have given the opportunity to create online learning user experiences for a unique mix of industries and academic areas including Cardiology , Financial Planning, Prenatal Care, and IOT.

Our partnership

We value our client relationships immensely and take our working relationships seriously. Each time we work with a prospective client, we ask ourselves if this is a team that we would want to be working with in ten years. While new client may start with a single design or product strategy project and short-term goal for our working relationship, they often come back to us for a second project and a third until we’ve organically developed a long-standing professional relationship.

Working with us

We structure our relationships so that our support can ebb and flow with the client’s  needs. It’s common for long-term clients to have larger bursts of work periodically throughout the year and perhaps only occasional check-ins or one-off requests during other parts of the year. Keeping an open line of communication helps us ramp up and down as needed, but our goal is to always be there for these teams. We check in with all clients regularly through Slack, email, or text message depending on their preference. We also typically have standing weekly meetings or whatever cadence is appropriate.

To bring this post to a close, we wanted to share a quote from the founder of CrowdWisdom, Tamer.

“Erin is a go-to expert and super talent on UX. Her artistry is balanced with a great sense of business, so she doesn't bring a one-sided perspective. She's extremely valuable in speculative, R&D-type work and she works great with very little input. Her ideas and approach have been invaluable to me - and she's been successful in multiple projects with my teams - not just one."
Scenic West Design Team
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