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Design Sprint

Validate a new product idea, improve an existing product, explore new features, or solve a complex design challenge in a fast, cost-effective way by doing an Agile design sprint with our UX/UI design and product strategy experts.

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What is a Design Sprint?

A design sprint is a cost-effective way to accelerate your team, validate a new product idea, solve complex problems, or improve an existing product. In one to four weeks we’ll design and iterate on a clickable Figma prototype with your team and conduct user testing to validate and refine quickly. A time-boxed Agile design sprint reduces the risk of spending time and money on an idea that ultimately won’t succeed. In a space where it’s crucial to innovate quickly, a design sprint can help teams maintain a competitive edge and gain valuable insights early on to ensure an exceptional product experience.

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Why Consider a Design Sprint?

Rapidly validate a product idea
Take a user-centric approach
Augment and strengthen your in-house team
Improve cross-functional team collaboration
Cost-effective way to take on a special project
Accelerate time-to-market

It’s rare to find a vendor as quick to respond and do so in a structured, metric-centric manner as Scenic West. As far as their work product, we turned over the design to Erin and her team and the feedback we’ve received from the top insurance companies, agencies, employees and consumers has exceeded expectations. The attention to optimizing the customer journey is unparalleled. Thank you, Scenic West!

James O.
CEO of ConsumerOptix

Key Deliverables

Here's what you'll get for a typical design sprint with Scenic West. Contact us to custom-tailor our design sprint service to the needs of your team.

Product Concept & vision statement

Articulate a clear and compelling vision for your product that helps set the direction of future design decisions.

collaborative design working sessions

We sit with your team to explore ideas, generate solutions, and build consensus around a shared design direction.

user flow diagrams

Visualize user navigation through your product with a user flow diagram. This can help your team identify friction, optimize user journeys, and create seamless UX.

mid-high fidelity mockups

You'll get a realistic representation of 3-4 key screens of your product's UI to help visualize and refine design before development.

clickable prototype

Receive a interactive simulation of your product that lets you test and validate key user flows, interactions, and features.

prototype user testing and UXR insights

We gather feedback from real users to identify pain points, uncover opportunities, and refine design.

Design refinement based on uxr

We'll use insights from user research to improve design and create a product that meets your user's needs.

Looking for more?

We can tailor our design sprint to the unique needs of your product. Get in touch and schedule a call to learn more.

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Our Partnership

At Scenic West, our partnership with you is based on a shared commitment to see your product vision come to life. We work utilizing an Agile approach, and make informed design decisions based on extensive research and user feedback.

Our team of UX/UI designers and product strategists begin any design sprint with a knowledge transfer checklist and kickoff meeting to ensure we are aligned on your business goals and product vision. From there, we work to accelerate your in-house team on special projects, coach you through a big UX challenge, or validate product ideas.

Get Started With a Design Sprint
Accelerate your product strategy and UX design with Scenic West, starting in just one week. Our Agile team will work closely with yours to understand your long-term goals, KPIs, and user analytics to design intuitive, user-centered experiences that drive success.

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