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Discover how our team of InsurTech UX/UI Design and Product Strategy Experts can transform your SaaS platform into an engaging and powerful tool for policyholders, agents, and insurers.

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Our InsurTech Clients

It’s rare to find a vendor as quick to respond and do so in a structured, metric-centric manner as Scenic West. As far as their work product, we turned over the design to Erin and her team and the feedback we’ve received from the top insurance companies, agencies, employees and consumers has exceeded expectation. The attention to optimizing the customer journey is unparalleled. Thank you, Scenic West!

James O
CEO at Consumer Optix
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Rise Above the Competition in the InsurTech Market

Our UX/UI designers and product strategists collaborate with your team on user research, prototyping, and product validation to develop remarkable SaaS products for insurance comparison and online application platforms, a robust claims management system, or an intuitive insurance mobile app. Together, we ensure scalability and exceptional user experience.

Boost User Engagement and Retention

Improved InsurTech UX simplifies tasks and keeps insurers, policyholders, and agents happy. Easy and engaging SaaS onboarding products boost efficiency, driving quicker adoption. Our user-centered design and testing create experiences that foster regular use, loyalty, and retention.

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Minimize Customer Support & Sales Costs with Intuitive Design

Designing your InsurTech product to be user-friendly reduces sales and customer support expenses. We collaborate with your team to create scalable, self-service experiences through UX/UI design best practices and continuous user research. This approach ensures streamlined usability, whether your product focuses on claims management, insurance comparison, online applications, or policy management.

How We Partner With B2B SaaS Teams

Scenic West will work with you to create a collaborative, flexible partnership tailored to your unique needs and goals. We can seamlessly integrate with your team through several flexible engagement models:

Project Based

Tackle specific product challenges or initiatives with our team working closely with yours to deliver targeted solutions within defined timelines and budgets. This is best for one-off needs, but can also transition smoothly into fractional ongoing support after an initial project based engagement.

Fractional Ongoing Support

Embrace continuous improvement and innovation with our fractional ongoing support model. Embed a fractional senior product strategist and UX designer directly into your product team or have access to our team of B2B SaaS experts to work through an Agile backlog that we continuously prioritize together. Many of our partners find they can replace full-time employees or in-house teams with this cost-effective approach.


Enhance your strategic decision-making with our product and design leadership team on an advisory basis. Whether you’re establishing your product vision, exploring new growth opportunities, or implementing Agile processes, our team of B2B Saas product and UX experts can help you chart a course that ensures your product offerings remain competitive and customer-centric.

How to Get Started
If you have a user experience or product strategy challenge, but are not sure where to start, consider one of these  initial engagements with Scenic West that let you get to know our team over the course of a few weeks then plan potential future work together.
  • UX Audit + Customer Feedback Analysis
  • Discovery Sprint
  • Design Sprint

How User Experience Shapes InsurTech

In the dynamic world of InsurTech, user experience is a critical factor for the success and effectiveness of financial tools and platforms.

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Smart Contracts

Implementing smart contracts that showcase clear contract terms can increase user trust and adoption and prevent disputes for contract management.

Fraud Detection

Designing an intuitive UI can increase the speed and accuracy of identifying fraudulent transactions while incorporating machine learning to enhance the fraud detection process.

Claims and Policy Management

Housing policy renewals, claims processing, configurable policy rules, and built-in dispute resolution mechanisms into a centralized dashboard with integrated data analytics and machine learning tools can streamline the workflow for claims adjusters.


Consider incorporating automatic risk assessments, configurable underwriting rules, and real-time risk analytics to streamline the underwriting process. Features like integrated data sources and machine learning algorithms can improve the efficiency and accuracy of your underwriting.

Billing and Payment

Allow users to easily manage their accounts with automated billing and payment reminders, flexible payment options, and real-time payment processing. By integrating gateways and other financial systems, you can improve the security of your product.


A well-designed API can improve integration with other systems and the scalability of your InsurTech product. Features like well-documented API references, support for multiple platforms and programming languages, and advanced security features and encryption can improve the trustworthiness of your SaaS.


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