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Answer open questions and understand your customers with user research customized to your product and company’s needs. We can help you conduct moderated or unmoderated user testing with your existing product or prototypes, conduct customer interviews, or conduct surveys.

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What is User Experience Research

User research provides valuable insights that inform product design and validate product features are intuitive and meet user needs. User research can give certainty and perspective where uncertainty and assumptions may exist. By leveraging data analytics, conducting surveys and interviews, and experimenting with A/B and usability testing methods, you can gain a deeper understanding of a user’s behavior and empathize with their story. User research is a key element to establishing an effective Agile customer feedback for ongoing product iteration and optimization. It's also valuable in the product discovery phase for large new features or entire new SaaS products.

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Why Conduct User Experience Research?

Understand users in-depth
Improve product usability & identify pain points
Increase user engagement
Enhance accessibility
Evaluate new features
Validate design decisions
Test prototypes and early product versions

Scenic West led user research and product design across several projects at Earth Networks over a 2 year period. Scenic West was instrumental in designing an iOS and Android app for enterprises that needed current conditions, forecasts and severe weather alerts from a single weather authority.

Jeff M.
Director of Product Management, Earth Networks

Key Deliverables

We'll work with your team to identify the most important deliverables that support the success of your product.

Dedicated UX Researchers

Gain access to our UX team for in-depth research insights and recommendations to improve your product experience.

ux research plan

Understand your product team's goals and any constraints, then discuss and recommend the best UX Research methods for your needs.

participant recruiting

We work with your team to determine the best method for participant recruiting. We can recruit participants for you or collaborate with your team to navigate the recruiting and scheduling process with your existing customers.

Moderated UXR facilitation

We prepare user interview and moderated user test scripts, review and iterate with your team, conduct UX research sessions, and provide recordings.

UXR analysis and reporting

We review and analyze all user research conducted and present a detailed report with product opportunities and recommended next steps to your team

UX design recommendations

As a follow up to UX Research, we'll work with your team to provide specific, actionable UX design recommendations.

Customer journey mapping

Building on UXR contented, visualize your user's journey and identify paint points and other areas of friction to improve your user experience.

User behavior reviews

We'll review your existing product data and user funnels to understand user's interactions with features and identify areas for improvement. This can be done as part of our planning phase to inform our UX research plan.

User session recordings

Observe and analyze user behavior and interactions with your product in real-time to gather insights into your UX.

usability testing reports

Receive a report that contains a detailed analysis of user feedback and behavior gathered during usability testing sessions.

new feature analysis

We'll take a look at the feasibility and the potential impact of adding new features to your product based on data we've gathered on your users.

Looking for more?

We can tailor our UXR solutions to your needs. Get in touch and schedule a call to learn more.

Our Process to Conduct User Experience Research

Conducting user research helps to identify pain points and opportunities for improvement in the user experience, and can also help validate design ideas and decisions. It can be used to test prototypes and gather feedback, which can help refine and improve the final design. Ultimately, we seek to derive meaningful insights that turn your guesses into data-driven hypotheses for an optimal product experience.

Goal Setting

First, we work with your team to identify what you want to learn through user research and what questions you want to answer. It's important that these goals and objectives are clearly defined and may include wanting to understand user needs and preferences, evaluate product usability, or gather feedback on a new feature.

Determine Research Methods

Our team uses best-fit research methods including interviews, focus groups, usability testing, surveys, and online analytics. The appropriate methods will depend on various factor such as the research goals, your target audience, available resources, and time constraints.

Recruit Participants

The next step in our research process is to recruit participants. The participants should match the characteristics of your intended users, such as demographics, similar behavior patterns, or specific expertise. We'll work with your team to select the best method of participant recruiting for your goals. We use participant panels via tool like UserTesting or UserBrain that offer demographic screening questions when feasible or work with your team to recruit from your own customers, LinkedIn, or other sources when you need more targeted B2B users with specific areas of expertise.

Conduct Research

After we have recruited participants, the research phase is ready to begin. This involves carrying out the research methods and collecting data from the participants.

Analyze Data

Once the data has been collected, it needs to be analyzed in order to identify patterns and insights that can inform the design process.

Share Findings

The results of the user research should be shared with the design team and relevant stakeholders to help the team gain a deeper understanding of user needs, preferences, and pain points, enabling them to make more informed design decisions. Stakeholders can provide feedback to continue refine design choices based on the research insights.


User research is an iterative process that should be conducted at various stages throughout the design process. The insights gained from the initial research inform the design decisions, and as the design progresses, additional research can be conducted to validate and refine the ideas. This iterative approach allows for continuous feedback and improvement, ensuring that the final design meets the needs and expectations of the users.

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