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Are you making the most of analytics, user research, and product validation to set your SaaS, e-commerce, or education tech company up for growth? Enhance your existing product team with analytics, UX research, product validation, and Agile coaching support from our team of experts.

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About Product Strategy Consulting

Our product strategy consulting service provides B2B SaaS product teams with expert guidance in developing and refining their product strategies. We leverage UX research, customer feedback, and industry expertise to identify new product or feature opportunities, optimize user experience, and align product offerings with customer needs. Our team of product strategy experts work closely with product leadership to define clear product visions, set measurable objectives, and create actionable plans for long-term success and scalability. From defining your MVP to feature prioritization, customer feedback analysis, and go-to-market strategies, we empower your product team to make informed decisions, drive innovation, and achieve long-term success in today's competitive market.

Our product strategy support engagement can be customized to your needs, and complement your team on a one-time or an ongoing basis. Whether we're working to see your team make a successful product launch or coach your team using an Agile approach, we are with you every step of the way.

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Why Hire a Product Strategy Consultant?

Receive an unbiased, objective perspective on your product strategy, UX, or team approach.
Gain product and UX leadership without a full-time VP, Director, or Principal level hire
Coach Agile product teams and junior PMs to set your SaaS company up for long-term success.
Reduce the risk of making costly UX & product mistakes
Gain access to specialized expertise and diverse skill sets
Flexible support for one-time engagements or ongoing engagements
Stay on top of market insights, emerging trends, and consumer insights.

Erin is a go-to expert and super talent on UX. Her artistry is balanced with a great sense of business, so she doesn't bring a one-sided perspective. She's extremely valuable in speculative, R&D-type work and she works great with very little input. Her ideas and approach have been invaluable to me - and she's been successful in multiple projects with my teams - not just one.

Tamer Ali
Co-Founder & SVP Product at Crowd Wisdom LMS and Authentic Learning Labs

Key Deliverables

Output varies depending on a teams needs, project goals, and timeline. Here's a short list of what our senior design team is able to offer.

on-demand saas product strategists

Gain access to our team of product strategists & senior UX designers for in-depth research insights and recommendations to improve your product experience.

market & competitive analysis

We conduct comprehensive analysis and research to understand the market landscape, identify competitors, and uncover opportunities for your product.

measurement planning and analytics

We assist in establishing measurement frameworks and analytics strategies to track KPIs and provide data-driven insights for informed decision-making.

uxr and product validation

We can conduct UX research to gain deep insights into your target audience, their behaviors, preferences, and pain points. We also help validate product ideas and concepts through user testing and feedback.

agile customer feedback loop management

We help you set up a systematic process to collect, analyze, and act upon customer feedback in an agile manner, ensuring continuous improvement and customer satisfaction.

product discovery walkthrough

We work closely with you to gather and document product requirements, conduct research to uncover user needs, and generate product concepts to drive direction.

agile team coaching

Receive Agile coaching to guide to your cross-functional team and enable them to adopt Agile methodologies, improve collaboration, and optimize efficiency in delivering high-quality products.

looking for more?

We can tailor our product strategy engagement to your teams needs. Get in touch and schedule a call to learn more.

Case Study

Brandzooka's V2 Product Launch Success Story

Amongst the chaos of an ever-changing and often frenetic startup world, Scenic West Design has partnered with Brandzooka’s leadership team to offer our expertise as embedded Agile Product Managers and UX/UI Strategists to improve Agile processes, drive their team to a critical product launch, and provide ongoing UX and Product Strategy insights. We also designed and built a new product marketing website to support their product launch.

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Get Started With Our Product Strategy Consulting
Accelerate your product strategy and UX/UI design with Scenic West, starting in just one week. Our Agile team will work closely with yours to understand your long-term goals, KPIs, and user analytics to design intuitive, user-centered experiences that drive success.

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