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UX Design Services

Consider us your go-to team of senior-level UX/UI designers. We are able to flex to your SaaS product team's needs whether you're looking to design a new product or feature, improve an existing user experience, or extend your team for ongoing Agile design support.

Senior UX/UI designers and product strategists collaborating on B2B SaaS
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Fractional UX Design Services

Our Agile UX/UI design team consists of collaborative senior UX designers and product strategists who work iteratively with SaaS teams throughout the product development lifecycle. Our team often helps growing SaaS companies fill gaps between founders/C-level and more junior product team members. Erin, our founder, has worked with founders of over 40+ B2B SaaS companies to build new products, establish Agile design processes for UX iteration, and coach product teams. We find that growing SaaS companies often struggle with a gap between their leadership team and day to day product team designing and building feature enhancements, but aren't ready to hire a VP, Director, or  Principle level UX or Product role. Our product strategy heavy approach to UX design and specialized senior expertise in B2B SaaS product design aims to fill that gap for your team.

Wireframes for SaaS native app onboarding UI UX

Why Partner With Our UX/UI Design Team?

As fractional UX/UI designers, we offer a flexible option for teams looking to augment their design capacity, with the ability to scale up or down as needed. By integrating our fractional team members, you can accelerate development through rapid prototyping, testing, and iteration, ensuring your final product meets user expectations.

Gain access to specialized expertise and diverse skill sets
Flexible for hourly, part-time, or full-time work based on team and project requirements.
A cost-effective alternative to hiring and maintaining a full-time in-house team.
Accelerate product development process and reduce time-to-market
Prioritizing UX enhances user satisfaction and improves retention

I was able to – within a few hours – go through the project, the objectives and the timeline constraints and Scenic West paired us with a great team who was rolling in a matter of days.  From an initial review of prior work completed to the partnership on the new experience design – the collaboration was everything I was hoping for.  The team was able to quickly become an extension of our own – and the work product was amazing.  I fully intend to work with them again as opportunities arise.

Mac M.
Chief Product Officer, HireRoad

Key Deliverables

We'll recommend a UX design approach based on your team's needs, project goals, and timeline. Here's a short list of what our senior UX design services team can provide.

ux strategy & advising

We provide UX strategy and advising to help mature young teams, implement efficient design processes, or validate designs to align with long-term business goals.

user flows

We create user flow diagrams to shape our UX design vision and build clarity and alignment within your stakeholder group.


We explore product design ideas through rapid low to mid-fidelity wireframing and iteration based on feedback. We use Figma for most design engagements.

high-fidelity mockups

We apply visual design to create an elegant responsive UI design that brings your user experience to life. We can build on top of your existing brand design system or a selected UI framework to support consistency and development speed.

Clickable prototypes

We fine tune interaction patterns and user flows through a clickable prototype in Figma. This can be used for prototype user testing to validate designs, as well as for internal demos.

visual design

We analyze your brand design and UI gaps for your SaaS product. We offer iterative or significant UI improvements based on your goals.

Design systems

We create design systems for cohesive user experiences. Using Figma and collaborating with your dev team, we establish component libraries and integrate with existing UI frameworks like Material UI.

Experienced ux researchers

Work with our team to conduct user tests, user interviews, or other user research to validate new designs and identify product opportunities for your existing product experience.

user personas

Review existing understanding of user personas and identify open questions with our UX and product strategists. Conduct user research and capture insights in user persona documentation to inform upcoming design work.

agile coaching

We work with product and design teams to improve Agile processes related to prioritization, design and development collaboration, and Agile customer feedback.

ongoing collaboration

We're available for ongoing collaboration with your product development team to support continuous improvement and iteration on UX.

looking for more?

We can tailor our UX/UI design services to your needs. Get in touch and schedule a call to learn more.

UX Design Service Offerings

Full-Service UX Design

Our full-service UX Design is built around a series of steps that have been defined and refined over our teams countless hours of serving clients. Centered around research, design, and evaluation, our process brings a focused intensity to your product goals. Building a strong UX foundation is key before moving into more detailed UI design work.


  • Research: This step involves gathering information about the users, their needs, and the business goals of the product or service. Through activities like conducting interviews, analyzing data and analytics, and creating personas and user journey maps our team is able to break through assumptions and begin the design process from the most realistic starting point
  • Ideation: During this step, the UX design team brainstorms and generates high level concepts for how to meet the user needs and achieve the business goals identified in the research phase.
  • Wireframing: In this step, the team creates mockups and wireframes of the product or service to test out different design concepts and get feedback from users, laying the foundation for thoughtful, intuitive UI design work
  • Evaluation: In the final step, the team tests the product or service with users to gather feedback and identify any issues that need to be addressed. The team then makes any necessary revisions and fine-tunes the design.

The UX process is iterative, meaning that the team may go back to earlier steps and make adjustments as needed based on the feedback and findings from later steps. The goal of the UX process is to create or refine a product or service that meets the needs and goals of the users and the business, and that provides a positive and seamless experience for the users.

learn more: A Detailed Look Into Our UX Design Process

Full-Service UI Design

Intuitive and delightful UI design works to pull together the overall experience and enhance the UX foundation that drives your products usability. Our services cover every facet of creating the look and feel of the product or service, including choosing colors, typography, imagery, and motion. The goal of visual design is to create a cohesive and visually appealing design that helps guide users through your product.


Having a consistent, accessible, and impactful visual design not only enhances the experience of using a product, but also works to drive efficiency through development cycles. Our team works closely with dev teams to define the implementation of visual design so that consistency and standards are efficiently maintained across your product.

Design Systems

Design systems are collections of standardized design elements and guidelines that help teams create consistent and cohesive user experiences across products and services. Our team has developed an in-house design system which allows us to get a head start on your project and focus on the most impactful problems. By saving time on creating components, we are able to address the biggest issues facing your product.


  • Efficient design process
  • Increased velocity for development teams
  • Consistent usability across product features
  • Easier updates for future iterations
Learn more: Design Systems 101

UX Research

User research is an essential part of the UX design process because it helps product teams and designers understand the needs, behaviors, and motivations of the people they are designing for. It provides valuable insights that inform the design of a product, ensuring that it meets the needs of the target audience and is easy to use. User research can give certainty and perspective where uncertainty and assumptions may exist.

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UX Audit

Identify quick win enhancements and fill your product backlog with user experience improvements that lift conversion rates, reduce churn, and more.

Investing in user experience design is an ongoing effort. Our UX Audit is designed to help you jump start or refresh your UX improvement backlog with both quick wins that deliver high ROI and larger opportunities to consider for your roadmap ahead. Improve your in-app product onboarding experience, frame dashboards and navigation around user priorities, and reduce friction or number of clicks in key user workflows to reduce customer service operational costs and increase customer retention. UX Audits could, and should, be used periodically at different levels of granularity to support an iterative, product-led growth strategy.

Learn more: UX audit service
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