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Your on-demand team of Product Strategists and UX/UI Designers that create user-centered product experiences that scale.

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What Our Clients Say About Us

Scenic West’s B2B SaaS and FinTech UX expertise and flexible, fractional startup UX/UI design support was the perfect fit for my growing company. I was able to save money by not hiring full-time UX designers, but still had a long-term UX partner for all of our team’s needs throughout a platform redesign and new feature launches.

Sameer G., CEO of Ordway Labs

SW has a team of calm and confident professionals who approached every task with a thoughtful and methodical understanding of our business, resulting in a deeper understanding of our priorities and helping drive success.

Perry Q., Chief Revenue Officer at Brandzooka

As a single founder with a small startup team, their support gave me the strength I needed to finally launch our app on the App store. Our launch results were even better than I could have imagined, and I don’t think we would have been able to get there without the SW team!

Alexia T., CEO at AmiGO

Scenic West came in and developed a clear plan for our site which was importantly grounded in user testing. They quickly translated those insights into action and completed an excellent redesign of our homepage ahead of the critical holiday selling period.

Mark T., Brand Director at Bartesian

Feeling Too Close to Your Own Product?

Don't let poor user experience hold your business back. Our UX audit fills your product backlog with quick wins through an expert review and unmoderated user testing. Let us help you optimize your app's user experience so you can increase customer satisfaction, retention, and ultimately, drive revenue growth.

UX Audit

Struggling to Prioritize High ROI Product Opportunities Quickly?

Our Agile Product Strategists closely with your team to understand your product and pain points, then tailor weekly product strategy support to your specific goals. Our services include weekly product strategy meetings, on-demand access to our UX/UI design and user research experts, and Agile process improvement to help you identify and prioritize opportunities more efficiently. With our expert guidance, you can accelerate your product development, optimize your processes, and achieve your business goals faster.

Product Strategy
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Ready to Create a New Product or Major Feature?

Our Product Discovery process includes goal setting, requirements gathering, user research, ideation, prototyping, user testing, and refining the prototype based on feedback. With a clear roadmap for implementation and an implementation plan, we help you accelerate your product development and achieve your goals in a short amount of time.

Product Discovery

Looking to Accelerate Product Design?

Don’t let slow decision-making and misalignment derail your product design and development goals. With our rapid design iteration process, we can take you from ideation to a high-fidelity clickable prototype in as little as 1-2 weeks.

UX/UI Design
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How Much Revenue is Your UX Costing You?

Poor user experience can be extremely costly for your SaaS or e-commerce business, in terms of lost revenue, customer satisfaction, and retention. Investing in UX design and product strategy can help you identify pain points and drive better user engagement. At Scenic West, we offer UX and product strategy expertise to optimize your digital products and maximize ROI.



How We Partner With B2B SaaS Teams

Scenic West will work with you to create a collaborative, flexible partnership tailored to your unique needs and goals. We can seamlessly integrate with your team through several flexible engagement models:

Project Based

Tackle specific product challenges or initiatives with our team working closely with yours to deliver targeted solutions within defined timelines and budgets. This is best for one-off needs, but can also transition smoothly into fractional ongoing support after an initial project based engagement.

Fractional Ongoing Support

Embrace continuous improvement and innovation with our fractional ongoing support model. Embed a fractional senior product strategist and UX designer directly into your product team or have access to our team of B2B SaaS experts to work through an Agile backlog that we continuously prioritize together. Many of our partners find they can replace full-time employees or in-house teams with this cost-effective approach.


Enhance your strategic decision-making with our product and design leadership team on an advisory basis. Whether you’re establishing your product vision, exploring new growth opportunities, or implementing Agile processes, our team of B2B Saas product and UX experts can help you chart a course that ensures your product offerings remain competitive and customer-centric.

How to Get Started
If you have a user experience or product strategy challenge, but are not sure where to start, consider one of these  initial engagements with Scenic West that let you get to know our team over the course of a few weeks then plan potential future work together.
  • UX Audit + Customer Feedback Analysis
  • Discovery Sprint
  • Design Sprint