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B2B SaaS UX Audit Guide & Checklist

Download our 8-step UX audit process and checklist of 50+ B2B SaaS UX best practices to evaluate your product user experience. This resource is perfect for SaaS product teams who aren't ready to invest in a full UX audit, but are interested in benchmarking their UX against best practices and filling their product backlog with usability enhancements.

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Free B2B SaaS UX Audit guide and checklist to help teams learn how to improve app user experience Scenic West Design
B2B SaaS UX audit checklist and expert review process free download

Download Our UX Audit Guide to Learn...

Our approach to conducting in-depth UX opportunity assessments for B2B SaaS products
How to identify high return on investment UX quick wins to implement within your SaaS
Onboarding UX improvements that streamline user flows, reduce UX friction, and increase customer retention
How to utilize UX research to frame dashboards and navigation around your user’s priorities

After seeing the initial UX audit results, it was clear the Scenic West team had a great understanding of the product UI/UX and provided in-depth knowledge of the B2B SaaS product strategy. It was a no-brainer to expand our relationship with ongoing product strategy and product management from the team. We’ve saved so much time in our product planning and prioritization of tasks because of Scenic West and can focus on the long-term vision of the product with more clarity

Jack P., CMO of AirDeck

SW has a team of calm and confident professionals who approached every task with a thoughtful and methodical understanding of our business, resulting in a deeper understanding of our priorities and helping drive success.

Perry Q., Chief Revenue Officer at Brandzooka

As a single founder with a small startup team, their support gave me the strength I needed to finally launch our app on the App store. Our launch results were even better than I could have imagined, and I don’t think we would have been able to get there without the SW team!

Alexia T., CEO at AmiGO

Scenic West came in and developed a clear plan for our site which was importantly grounded in user testing. They quickly translated those insights into action and completed an excellent redesign of our homepage ahead of the critical holiday selling period.

Mark T., Brand Director at Bartesian

What to Expect

Once you've downloaded our free guide, here's an overview of what you can expect to find covered. We'll walk you through our 8-step process and provide a comprehensive UX audit checklist with over 50 UX considerations specifically for analyzing and improving B2B SaaS products.

About Us

Conducting your own UX Audit will take time, so don't take advice from just any resource out there! Our free guide is a glimpse into our team's process for conducting full UX audits for B2B SaaS companies. So whether you're in the FinTech or Healthcare, we've got you covered and can help your team make the most out of analytics, UX research, product validation, and more.

Scenic West has worked with 40+ B2B SaaS companies to launch new products, iterate on existing products, and design new features. Our team brings a blend of product strategy and UX/UI design to our design approach so solutions are always created with development level of effort, business goals, and solving customer needs in mind. We have a deep understanding of the most common user experience pain points B2B SaaS companies face when scaling their business and how to set your team up for success.

Our Process

Before you begin working through our UX audit checklist, please be sure to fully read our process for conducting these in-depth UX reviews of SaaS products. By doing so, you can ensure your team is making the most out of this resource and can have context into our why before diving into what to look out for.

Here's a high-level look into our process:

  1. Review UX audit checklist
  2. Review current product analytics
  3. Identify top priorities and open questions
  4. Conduct a small set of UX research
  5. Capture screenshots of key pages and UI states
  6. Add annotations to screenshots
  7. Review notes for high ROI quick wins
  8. Debrief with your team

UX Audit Checklist

Finally, the checklist. When we're reviewing B2B SaaS products we look to optimize key areas noted in the checklist. As you walk through with your team, take notes of missing pieces and opportunities of improvement.

Key areas include a deeper look into:

  • Self-service onboarding experience
  • Search
  • Dashboards
  • Brand
  • Navigation
  • Forms, data tables, & reports
  • Accessibility
  • Sharing & collaboration
  • User management

Put it to Work

After you and your team have worked through the checklist and identified new opportunities, work with your product team to fill your product backlog with prioritized initiatives that align with your business's long-term goals and customer requirements. This will allow you to focus on continuously improving the user experience and refining your B2B SaaS product, optimizing key metrics such as retention, conversion rates, lifetime value, and more for sustainable growth and success. Once you have a backlog of great opportunities, consider a design sprint to accelerate your UX/UI design and implementation process.

Download the B2B SaaS UX Audit Guide

Discover how our UX/UI designers and product strategists improve an app's user experience and fill product backlogs with quick wins in 2023.
By submitting your email you agree that Scenic West Design, LLC may send you marketing emails. You agree that Scenic West Design LLC may use your information in accordance with its Privacy Policy
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