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Fill your product backlog with quick wins by conducting a UX Audit to improve user engagement, reduce onboarding friction, and position your B2B SaaS product to scale.

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What is a UX Audit?

A UX audit is an in-depth analysis of your B2B SaaS user experience and is a perfect starting point for teams looking to gain a fresh perspective on their UX. A UX audit provides product teams a chance to identify any product opportunities, growth blockers, user pain points, and more. When conducting a UX review of your SaaS or product marketing site, we take a look at various elements of your including usability, UI design, functionality, and conduct research to gain insight into user satisfaction.

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Why Start With a UX Audit?

Identify product user experience opportunities
Address usability pain points
Identify growth blockers
Learn conversion rate optimization techniques
Discover user engagement quick win enhancements
Understand starting points for discovery and design work

After seeing the initial UX audit results, it was clear the Scenic West team had a great understanding of the product UI/UX and provided in-depth knowledge of the B2B SaaS product strategy. It was a no-brainer to expand our relationship with ongoing product strategy and product management from the team. We’ve saved so much time in our product planning and prioritization of tasks because of Scenic West and can focus on the long-term vision of the product with more clarity.

Jack P.
CEO of AirDeck

Key Deliverables

Our typical UX audit includes the following deliverables plus a virtual meeting to discuss takeaways and next steps.

screen-by-screen teardown

We perform a detailed analysis of each screen's design, usability, and functionality to uncover strengths and areas for improvement.

stakeholder interviews

Gain valuable insights from key stakeholders involved in the project, this can bring diverse perspectives on overall user experience and product goals.

first impression screen recording

Recorded user interactions that reveal initial user experiences, allowing for targeted enhancements to captivate users from the start.

Product opportunity summary

Receive a summary outlining potential high ROI quick wins or larger-scale product opportunities to guide your product roadmap.

heatmap and session recording analysis

We will examine heatmaps and session recordings of your product to uncover valuable user behavior insights that optimize engagement and conversion.

unmoderated user testing

If applicable, we'll conduct user testing sessions to gather user feedback, generate data for identifying usability issues and optimizing key user flows.

competitor analysis

Receive a thorough evaluation of competing products, identifying their strengths and weaknesses to help position your product effectively in the market.

looking for more?

We can tailor our UX audit service to your needs. Get in touch and schedule a call to learn more.

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Our Partnership

At Scenic West, our partnership with you is based on a shared commitment to see your product vision come to life. We work utilizing an Agile approach, and make informed design decisions based on extensive research and user feedback.

Our team of UX/UI designers and product strategists begin any design sprint with a knowledge transfer checklist and kickoff meeting to ensure we are aligned on your business goals and product vision. From there, we work to accelerate your in-house team on special projects, coach you through a big UX challenge, or validate product ideas


Below are two examples of UX Audit packages our team offers. Schedule a call with our team to learn more about how we can tailor UX audits to your team’s exact needs.

Full Service UX Audit

Our full service UX Audit package includes unmoderated user testing, heatmap, and session recording analysis and a high level competitor UX review in addition to our core UX review teardown, opportunity analysis, and 1-2 design concepts.


Week 1
  • Knowledge Transfer, Kickoff, Planning
  • Prepare + Launch 5-10 User Tests
Week 2
  • Competitor High-Level UX Review
  • Heatmap + Session Recording Analysis
Week 2-3
  • User Testing Review + Analysis
  • Detailed UX Review
Week 3-4
  • 1-2 Design Concepts Highlighting Quick Wins
Week 4
  • Final Touches, Presentation Meeting, Prioritization Discussion

Mini UX Audit

Our mini UX Audit focuses on a UX review teardown, an opportunity analysis, and 1-2 wireframe design concepts. It does not include user research or competitor analysis.


Week 1
  • Knowledge Transfer, Kickoff, Planning
  • Prepare + Launch 5-10 User Tests
Week 1-2
  • Detailed UX Review
Week 2-3
  • 1-2 Design Concepts Highlighting Quick Wins
Week 3
  • Final Touches, Presentation Meeting, Prioritized Discussion
Get Started With Our UX Audit Service
Accelerate your product strategy and UX/UI design with Scenic West, starting in just one week. Our Agile team will work closely with yours to understand your long-term goals, KPIs, and user analytics to design intuitive, user-centered experiences that drive success.

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