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Discover how our team of e-commerce UX/UI Design and Product Strategy Experts can transform your online store, improve conversion rates, and increase average order value.

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Our E-commerce Clients

Scenic West came in and developed a clear plan for our site which was importantly grounded in user testing. They quickly translated those insights into action and completed an excellent redesign of our homepage ahead of the critical holiday selling period.

Mark T.
Brand Director at Bartesian
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Personalize the Shopping Experience with UX

Our UX/UI design and product strategy services help e-commerce businesses provide a personalized shopping experience for their customers. We leverage data analysis, user research, and AB testing design to create a user experience with meaningful product recommendations, sizing, color filters, and more to increase customer satisfaction and average order value (AOV).

Increase Conversion Rates & Simplify Checkout

Our UX/UI designers and product strategists collaborate with your team on user research, competitor analysis, and data analysis to fill your backlog with conversion rate optimization e-commerce design ideas that enhance your online store experience from the first impression, through navigating your purchase funnel all the way through checkout and post-purchase experience.

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Minimize Customer Support Costs with Intuitive Design

We focus on minimizing customer support costs by providing clear and concise CTA’s and product information, as well as creating easy-to-use interfaces to elevate the customer shopping experience. By reducing customer support tickets, we can help you save on overhead costs and increase profit all while still delighting your customers.

How We Partner With B2B SaaS Teams

Scenic West will work with you to create a collaborative, flexible partnership tailored to your unique needs and goals. We can seamlessly integrate with your team through several flexible engagement models:

Project Based

Tackle specific product challenges or initiatives with our team working closely with yours to deliver targeted solutions within defined timelines and budgets. This is best for one-off needs, but can also transition smoothly into fractional ongoing support after an initial project based engagement.

Fractional Ongoing Support

Embrace continuous improvement and innovation with our fractional ongoing support model. Embed a fractional senior product strategist and UX designer directly into your product team or have access to our team of B2B SaaS experts to work through an Agile backlog that we continuously prioritize together. Many of our partners find they can replace full-time employees or in-house teams with this cost-effective approach.


Enhance your strategic decision-making with our product and design leadership team on an advisory basis. Whether you’re establishing your product vision, exploring new growth opportunities, or implementing Agile processes, our team of B2B Saas product and UX experts can help you chart a course that ensures your product offerings remain competitive and customer-centric.

How to Get Started
If you have a user experience or product strategy challenge, but are not sure where to start, consider one of these  initial engagements with Scenic West that let you get to know our team over the course of a few weeks then plan potential future work together.
  • UX Audit + Customer Feedback Analysis
  • Discovery Sprint
  • Design Sprint

How User Experience Shapes E-commerce

Prepping your e-commerce website to support your desired growth trajectory is essential to scaling your business. By optimizing key points within your website, you can capture more sales and increase customer retention of users that are highly satisfied with your brand.

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Shopping Cart

Reduce cart abandonment rates by providing clear shipping costs, product summaries, and trust-building badges or guarantees in the cart. Have a clear, prominent checkout CTA and minimize navigation elsewhere by using a simple header and footer.

Search & Navigation

Help users find the products they seek by optimizing the user experience of your search bar and navigation. Utilize features like autocomplete search suggestions, filters, and categories to help improve the intuitive design of your navigation.

Product Catalog Pages

Product listing pages are a great way to help users scan through your product offerings and make informed purchasing decisions. By providing clear product titles, meaningful filters, and quality images or videos, you ensure customers can easily and quickly find products that meet their needs and incentivize more sales.

Site Entry Pathways

Take advantage of the first impression users experience of your brand by optimizing site entry pathways like key landing pages or social media to encourage users to continue to explore your site. Clarify any call-to-actions and organize product categories to improve site engagement.

Secure Payment & Checkout Funnel

Build trust between customers as they complete a checkout process by ensuring that their financial information is secure and protected. Optimizing your checkout form to use autocomplete for address and billing info and providing multiple payment options can optimize conversions and improve satisfaction.

Product Details Page

Capture more sales through high-quality product images and videos. Provide detailed product information in a scannable format, clear pricing, customer ratings and reviews, and a buy now button to encourage users to complete a purchase.


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Bartesian is an innovative e-commerce company that sells an on-demand cocktail machine and various flavored cocktail capsules, from whiskey sours to "Cupid's Arrow." They came to Scenic West a couple of months before their holiday busy season to improve their DTC e-commerce homepage and begin brainstorming UX/CRO opportunities for the upcoming year.

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