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Discover how our EdTech UX/UI Design and Product Strategy Experts can transform your SaaS platform into an engaging and powerful tool for students, educators, and administrators.

EdTech UX UI design for increased engagement

Our EdTech Clients

It was a pleasure working with the Scenic West team. They were very knowledgeable about design best practices, as well as the healthcare education space. This allowed for seamless integration with our teams to help continue to evolve our product lines. The team was incredible at adjusting to meeting times, hitting deadlines, and handling surges in design requests. I would recommend Scenic West to anyone looking for someone to continue to drive your vision forward through design!

Bryan L., Director of Product Management, Knowledge2Practice

Erin is a go-to expert and super talent on UX. Her artistry is balanced with a great sense of business, so she doesn't bring a one-sided perspective. She's extremely valuable in speculative, R&D-type work and she works great with very little input. Her ideas and approach have been invaluable to me - and she's been successful in multiple projects with my teams - not just one.

Tamer A., Founder, Crowd Wisdom LMS and Authentic Learning Labs

Erin's a true professional. She brings deep insights and UX/UI experience to her projects. And her results speak for themselves. After updating our free trial/purchase flow, we experienced a 900% increase in the number of expected conversions. Solid work.

Mike S., VP of Sales, Rosh Review
EdTech dashboard UX UI design

Create Innovative, Accessible, and Personalized Learning Experiences

Partner with our team of seasoned UX/UI designers and product strategists to create innovative, accessible, and personalized learning experiences for students of all ages and learning styles. We adhere to the latest WCAG accessibility guidelines to ensure all students receive the best educational experience. By balancing accessibility and innovation, you can drive higher adoption, better outcomes, and a stronger brand reputation in the EdTech market.

Boost Student Engagement and Retention

Drive student engagement and retention with enhanced EdTech UX Design. Our user-centered approach simplifies the learning experience and fosters satisfaction among students and educators. By providing an easy onboarding experience, intuitive course navigation, and interactive learning exercises, you can drive student success and measure progress effectively.

UX designers collaborating on EdTech LMS design
Wireframes for SaaS native app onboarding UI UX

Minimize Support Costs and Training Expenses with Intuitive Design

By implementing an intuitive design in your EdTech product, you can minimize customer support costs and training expenses. We collaborate with your team to create a scalable, self-service experience through UX/UI design best practices and continuous user research. This approach ensures streamlined usability and platform administration, whether your product focuses on e-learning, course management, or educational assessments.

How We Partner With B2B SaaS Teams

Scenic West will work with you to create a collaborative, flexible partnership tailored to your unique needs and goals. We can seamlessly integrate with your team through several flexible engagement models:

Project Based

Tackle specific product challenges or initiatives with our team working closely with yours to deliver targeted solutions within defined timelines and budgets. This is best for one-off needs, but can also transition smoothly into fractional ongoing support after an initial project based engagement.

Fractional Ongoing Support

Embrace continuous improvement and innovation with our fractional ongoing support model. Embed a fractional senior product strategist and UX designer directly into your product team or have access to our team of B2B SaaS experts to work through an Agile backlog that we continuously prioritize together. Many of our partners find they can replace full-time employees or in-house teams with this cost-effective approach.


Enhance your strategic decision-making with our product and design leadership team on an advisory basis. Whether you’re establishing your product vision, exploring new growth opportunities, or implementing Agile processes, our team of B2B Saas product and UX experts can help you chart a course that ensures your product offerings remain competitive and customer-centric.

How to Get Started
If you have a user experience or product strategy challenge, but are not sure where to start, consider one of these  initial engagements with Scenic West that let you get to know our team over the course of a few weeks then plan potential future work together.
  • UX Audit + Customer Feedback Analysis
  • Discovery Sprint
  • Design Sprint

How User Experience Shapes EdTech

EdTech is dynamic and changing swiftly, optimizing UX is vital to ensuring successful student learning and a seamless instructor experience.

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Accessibility and Usability

Ensure that your platform is accessible to all users, regardless of learning style or ability, by adhering to WCAG guidelines and incorporating user-centered design principles.

Reporting and Analytics

Provide real-time insights into student progress and engagement so educators can adjust instruction and personalize the learning experience for their classroom.


Protect student data and ensure you comply with regulations like FERPA, PPRA, and COPPA, by implementing robust security features such as encryption and two-factor authentication.

Platform Integration

Ensure seamless integration and scalability with other EdTech systems like Learning Management Systems (LMS), Student Information Systems (SIS), and Online Program Management (OPM).

Tools and Gamification

Promote engagement and retention with gamification and integrate tools like digital notebooks, messaging portals, and document storage to facilitate learning. Gamification features such as rewards, badges, and leaderboards can incentivize student progress and learning.

Onboarding and Off-Boarding

It’s important to simplify the sign-up process while also collecting and communicating relevant documentation to support personalization and adhere to data privacy and financial regulations


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