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Scenic West Design is a team of senior UX/UI designers, user researchers, and Agile product strategists that work with B2B SaaS, Education Tech, and E-commerce companies ranging from startups to Fortune 500s. We partner with you to successfully launch new products, design major new features, or iterate on existing products. Some of our recent clients include Intel, adidas, PamperedChef, Ordway Labs, Brandzooka, and more.

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Wireframes for SaaS native app onboarding UI UX

Are you looking for an expert UX/UI design and product strategy partner?

Accelerate product discovery and UX/UI design for a new product or major feature
Achieve product growth by addressing usability pain points and improving onboarding UX
Establish an Agile process for collecting customer feedback and distilling it into a prioritized product backlog

We worked with 50+ B2B SaaS product teams.

Our team of senior product and UX strategists have worked with 50+ B2B SaaS product teams in a variety of industries.

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Scenic West Design founder Erin Stewart
Scenic West Design office photo brainstorming project ideas for B2B SaaS

We're passionate about helping product leaders achieve their goals.

Scenic West Agile product strategists and UX/UI designers come from diverse backgrounds, but we all share a common passion for creating scalable and engaging product experiences. Scenic West has an office in Chattanooga, TN and team members working remote across the United States.

Scenic West is named after the dirt road our founder, Erin, lived on while living and freelancing in St. Croix, US Virgin Islands for six years before moving to Tennessee. Erin spent the first part of her career in the DC area working for a variety of companies in Product and UX roles.

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Erin Stewart
We lead teams through product strategy, UX design, and validation of new or improved product experiences in an Agile manner. Our design approach is heavily rooted in B2B SaaS product strategy and we work closely with your engineering team to ensure a smooth development process.
Erin, Founder
I love working with clients to uncover the real challenges in their product, team, or processes, and walking out a plan that drives transformation and innovation.
Daniel, Director of User Experience
My background in the startup space has shaped my responsive, iterative approach to each product team's unique challenges. I love working with teams to design and validate features with real users.
Aislynn, Lead Product Designer

SW has a team of calm and confident professionals who approached every task with a thoughtful and methodical understanding of our business, resulting in a deeper understanding of our priorities and helping drive success.

Perry Q.
Chief Revenue Officer at Brandzooka