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Discover how our FinTech UX/UI Design and Product Strategy Experts can transform your SaaS platform into an engaging and powerful tool for investors, finance teams, or everyday consumers.

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Our FinTech Clients

Scenic West’s B2B SaaS and FinTech UX expertise and flexible, fractional startup UX/UI design support was the perfect fit for my growing company. I was able to save money by not hiring full-time UX designers, but still had a long-term UX partner for all of our team’s needs throughout a platform redesign and new feature launches.

Sameer G.
CEO at Ordway Labs
Fintech dashboard UX UI design

Maintain Trust with Your Users

Our team of experienced UX/UI designers and product strategists work with your team to effectively communicate your product’s security measures and promote trust through high-quality UX/UI design so your users are assured that their finances and investments are protected and secure, which can instill user confidence and strengthen your brand reputation in the marketplace.

Boost Engagement and Retention

Improved FinTech UX simplifies tasks and makes investors, finance teams, and consumers happy. By providing an easy and engaging onboarding process, a streamlined investment experience, and personalized financial planning tools, you can drive quicker adoption among users. Our user-centered design and testing create experiences that foster regular use, loyalty, and retention.  

FinTech UX designers working on wireframes
Wireframes for SaaS native app onboarding UI UX

Minimize Customer Support Costs with Intuitive Design

By implementing an intuitive design in your FinTech product, you can minimize customer support costs and training expenses. We collaborate with your team to create a scalable, self-service experience through UX/UI design best practices and continuous user research. This approach ensures streamlined usability, whether your product focuses on bank account integration, payment processing, insurance, or investment management.

Elevate Your FinTech User Experience and Accelerate Your SaaS Growth
We partner with FinTech product teams to innovate new financial technology SaaS solutions, revitalize existing platforms, or enhance in-house capabilities with our exceptional UX/UI designers.

How User Experience Shapes FinTech

In the dynamic world of FinTech, user experience is a critical factor for the success and effectiveness of financial tools and platforms. Here are some key UX/UI design considerations based on common FinTech SaaS product features

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Personal Finance Management

Effective personal finance management tools can help users manage their finances and achieve their financial goals. Features such as budget tracking, financial planning tools, and personalized recommendations can provide valuable insights into users' financial health.

Onboarding and Off boarding

It’s important to simplify the sign-up process while also collecting and communicating relevant documentation. Considering any financial laws and regulations in one’s country is important early on to ensure the successful use of the product and protect both parties.

Investment Management

An intuitive and user-friendly investment platform can simplify the investment process for users. Features such as easy account setup, personalized investment recommendations, clear earnings/loss metrics, and progress tracking can help users make informed decisions and stay on top of their investments.

Secure Sign-In

Platforms should implement intense security measures such as two-factor authentication, encryption, and fraud detection to protect users' sensitive financial data. This is essential to communicate with users that their finances are protected and secure.

Payment Processing and Gateway

A seamless and secure payment processing and gateway system can improve the efficiency and reliability of financial transactions. Features like multiple payment options, automatic payment scheduling, and real-time transaction tracking can enhance the user experience.

Cryptocurrency and Blockchain

Making new, complex assets like cryptocurrencies approachable takes fiscally-informed and empathetic designers. Keeping your product trustworthy and steadfast in a volatile market by communicating trade order amounts, any additional fees, and market trends will give users the confidence to rely on your app to manage their funds.


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