Product Discovery

Are you ready to create a new B2B SaaS product or major feature and want to accelerate the process with outside expertise? Our team of User Experience, Product Strategy, and Product Management experts work with your team to plan and execute a fast paced track of discovery work tailored to your needs.

Product Discovery Services

Your Product Discovery engagement can include some or all of the following services to help solidify requirements, create product designs, and validate with real or potential customers.

  1. Requirements Gathering + Ideation Workshops
  2. Stakeholder Interviews
  3. Competitor + Inspiration Research
  4. User Research - Customer Interviews, Surveys, Unmoderated or Moderated User Testing
  5. UX/UI Design including User Flow Diagrams, Wireframes, High Fidelity Mockups, and Prototyping
  6. Prototype Creation and User Testing for Product Validation
  7. Backlog Epic, Feature, and User Story Build Out
  8. Measurement Planning
  9. And More…

Our Approach

Below are two examples of Product Discovery packages our team offers. Schedule a call with our team to learn more about how we can tailor Product Discovery engagement to your team’s exact needs.

Full Discovery Package

Our Full Discovery Package is ideal for product leaders and teams getting ready to:

  1. Launch a new product
  2. Create a major new feature for an existing product
  3. Redesign a product or site
  4. Migrate to or implement a new technology platform
  5. Implement a new customized platform to support a customer journey

Discovery Activities

  1. Knowledge Transfer + Goal Setting
  2. Existing Product / Designs Review
  3. Requirements Gathering + Ideation Workshop
  4. Stakeholder Interviews
  5. Competitor + Inspiration Research
  6. User Research - Typically Customer / User Interviews, Survey, or User Testing
  7. Size of this activity would impact final scope / price
  8. User Flow Diagram
  9. Epics / Features / User Stories Outline
  10. Low Fidelity Wireframes for Key Screen(s)
  11. Alignment on technical approach and constraints


With our blended skillset and agile approach, discovery work can be completed in as little as one month. Below is a sample Discovery timeline that includes many of our common services, but can be customized to fit your exact needs. The amount of design work and product validation user research needed to be ready for Sprint One development will have the most impact on your timeline

Week 1

  • Knowledge Transfer + Goal Setting
  • Existing Product / Designs Review
  • Competitor and Inspiration Research
  • Requirement Gathering + Ideation Workshop
  • Stakeholder Interviews
Week 2

  • User Flow Diagram Draft + Working Session
  • User Flow Working Refinement
  • Initial User Research - Customer Interviews, Survey, etc.
Week 3

  • Low Fidelity Wireframes for Key Screen(s)
  • Draft Epics / Features
  • Design Workshop
Week 4

  • Wireframe Refinement
  • Visual Design Exploration
  • Design Workshop
  • High Fidelity Mockups of Key Screen(s)
  • User Testing Planning
  • Backlog Refinement Meeting
Week 5

  • Clickable Prototype Build
  • Conduct and Analyze Unmoderated User Tests
  • Mockup and Prototype Refinement
  • Epics / Features / User Stories Refinement
  • Sprint One Dev Handoff Prep

Mini Discovery Package

Not ready for a full discovery package? With our mini discovery package, we can take you through our goal-setting, requirements, and ideation workshops and finish by handing over a few key low-fidelity wireframes for your product or site to get your team started in the right direction.

What’s included:

  1. Knowledge Transfer and Goal Setting
  2. Existing Product (or Designs) Review
  3. Competitor / Inspiration Research
  4. Requirements Gathering and Ideation Workshop
  5. User Flow Diagram
  6. Low-Fidelity Wireframes of Key Screen(s)


Our POC Design Sprint takes your product vision from idea to conceptual mid-high fidelity 3-4 key screen clickable prototype in Figma. Design Sprints are typically 1-3 weeks depending on number of key screens or user flows needed. We can add prototype user testing to the end of the design sprint if desired.  Use these to gain internal buy-in or win a sales pursuit.


We can customize the scope and timeline to meet your prototype goals and number of key screens or user flows needed.

Day 1
  • Knowledge Transfer
  • Client Kickoff Meeting
  • Brainstom + Begin Design Work
Day 2

  • User Flow Diagram
  • Initial Wireframes for 3-4 Key Screens
Day 3-5

  • Design Working Sessions / Ongoing Collaboration
  • Design Iteration
Day 5-7

  • Mid - High Fidelity Figma Mockups for 3-4 Key Screens
  • Clickable Prototype
  • Final Design Review

Erin is a go-to expert and super talent on UX. Her artistry is balanced with a great sense of business, so she doesn’t bring a one-sided perspective. She’s extremely valuable in speculative, R&D-type work and she works great with very little input. Her ideas and approach have been invaluable to me - and she’s been successful in multiple projects with my teams - not just one.

Tamer Ali
CEO of Authentic Learning Labs and Founder of CrowdWisdom CMS
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