We often hear from leaders of B2B SaaS companies that they either have considered or are currently considering making their product white label to open up new revenue opportunities. When we are helping develop product strategy or gathering knowledge for a white label design project, there are a few things we help our clients think through.

1. How much do you want your team to be involved in onboarding a white label customer?

It's important to consider what level of support you will have available to customers that you are onboarding into a white label experience. If your onboarding experience is already guided and you have resources to assist in the setup process, you have more room to make your product highly customizable. If you have limited resources for support, it will be important to make the customization settings as intuitive and fool-proof as possible.

2. How customizable should your platform be?

Even if you have resources to help users with setting up their white label customization, it might not be of interest to the user to have detailed custom settings. More does not always mean better especially when it comes to UX, so make sure that the level of customization you are offering makes sense for your users.

3. What custom settings should you offer your users?

There are several ways you can tailor your product to your users. Some settings to consider:

  • Logos
  • Colors
  • Photos
  • Typography
  • Layouts
  • Iconography
  • Text/phrases

4. How will you account for accessibility?

One crucial thing we help clients work through in our white label design process is accounting for accessibility needs especially in regards to color contrast. Accessibility should always be a priority when designing digital products, but it's especially important when designing products that can be customized in a way that breaks accessibility.

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