Lift conversion rates, increase average order value (AOV), and jump-start your improvement backlog with high ROI quick wins.
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Prepping your e-commerce website to support your desired growth trajectory is essential to scaling your business. Your increased volume of users and sales means that you’ve likely found product-market fit, but it also may mean that you’re seeing some holes in your initial user experience.

Investing in user experience design and conversion rate optimization (CRO) should be ongoing, but we’ve created this UX/CRO audit guide to help you jump-start your improvement backlog with both quick wins that deliver high ROI and larger opportunities to consider for your roadmap ahead.

Improve your website's checkout process, frame product categories and navigation around customer priorities, and reduce friction or the number of clicks in key user workflows to increase conversion rate and customer retention. These investments will also help you increase average order value by making your product shine in product pages and product demos.

We will walk you through a condensed version of our team’s process for conducting full UX/CRO audits for clients so you can go through a quick version of our exercise with your own team to generate a backlog of high ROI quick wins.


Accelerate Your Team

We get it, your team is busy with big deadlines, and maybe you lack the resources to actually implement these bright ideas. We help e-commerce leaders achieve their goals by offering UX/CRO audit, UX/UI design, and Agile product management services. Working with a team of specialists like ours is a great way to accelerate your path to success without recruiting and hiring multiple in-house roles.

Take a look at our UX audit services and inquire for more information on pricing and package details.

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