Over the years we’ve designed in Adobe Creative Suite, Sketch, and now Figma – plus lots of whiteboarding! We love Figma for a variety of reasons, but most importantly, it streamlines our design stack and makes real-time collaboration possible from anywhere. Here’s why Figma has been a game changer for UX/UI design in recent years.


  • With Figma, multiple designers can work in a file at once without disturbing or affecting iterations. There is also version control just in case!
  • Figma has Inspect tools and lots of annotation plugins to make development handoffs easy.
  • FigJam, Figma’s virtual whiteboarding or brainstorming tool, allows for remote or dispersed teams to collaborate similar to old school whiteboarding and sticky note exercises. Its capabilities include diagrams, sticky notes, real time chats, the ability to write as if using a whiteboard, and much more.
  • Our clients and stakeholders can view our work in their web browser with no additional software required.

Speed and ease of use

  • Anyone can comment directly on designs in their browser. This allows for rapid feedback and iteration, as well as reduces the need for lengthy email threads. All feedback and designs are in one place!
  • Prototyping functionality is embedded directly into the tool so we save time preparing for design demos and prototype user testing.
  • Because of the collaborative nature of Figma, it’s easy to work with remote clients, contractors, and employees. Everyone is able to easily view a project and follow a discussion about a project without needing to share a screen or hop on a Zoom call. It streamlines and accelerates all communication.

While there are certainly other tools that UX/UI designers might utilize, we find that Figma allows us to create a superior and efficient client experience. From ease of collaboration to reducing lengthy email or Slack threads, Figma does it all when collaborating with clients to realize their product vision.

To learn more about how we approach client collaboration  or to discuss working with us, please contact us.
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