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How a B2B SaaS company saved time on product planning and prioritization through an initial UX Audit review and ongoing product support


We’ve saved so much time in our product planning and prioritization of tasks because of Scenic West and can focus on the long-term vision of the product with more clarity.

Jack Phan

The Client

AirDeck is an early-stage, high-growth B2B SaaS startup that offers a document narration platform to help teams create personalized, engaging content presentations at scale. Their team felt like they were too close to the product and were looking for a fresh perspective to improve their in-app onboarding user experience.

The Goal

AirDeck was looking for a fresh perspective on their onboarding flow and overall user experience to identify quick wins and strategic product opportunities to support sales and user engagement goals, as well as keep operational costs for onboarding new users low through an intuitive new user experience.

The Results

Our UX audit was able to provide a clear backlog of product opportunities for improving usability and the overall product experience. Building on those insights, we continued our product and UX strategy work together to implement an updated self-service onboarding experience built on top of UserPilot, a tool they already had. Our product and UX strategy support also included improving their dashboard UI, weekly UX strategy sessions with their in-house team, and serving as a short-term embedded Agile Product Owner to help set up and improve internal Agile processes.

How We Did It

  • Conducted a comprehensive UX and product strategy audit to identify areas for improvement and opportunities for growth
  • Designed an updated user onboarding flow and in-app user help/guidance, implemented with Userpilot
  • Provided ongoing product and UX strategy guidance to in-house team
  • Served as an embedded Agile Product Owner during team transition, establishing Agile best practices for future success

How We Did It

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