Case Study


How a venture-backed B2B SaaS platform went from chaos to clarity with embedded Agile Product Managers for a successful V2 Product Launch.


SW has a team of calm and confident professionals who approached every task with a thoughtful and methodical understanding of our business, resulting in a deeper understanding of our priorities and helping drive success.

Perry Quinn
Chief Revenue Officer

The Client

Brandzooka is a venture-backed AdTech company that offers a self-service platform for advertisers to buy digital ad placements. With their 2.0 launch approaching, they sought expert help with Agile product management and UX strategy to scale their B2B SaaS product and strengthen their team.

The Goal

Brandzooka aimed to boost their business momentum and scale their B2B SaaS product through expert help with Agile Product Management and UX strategy. They sought to mature and streamline their product team processes, incorporating an Agile approach to customer feedback and market insights. The goal was to ensure focus, and timely deliverables and stay ahead in an ever-evolving market.

The Results

Brandzooka improved its Agile processes, enabling its team to deliver better results. They improved sprint ceremonies, established a weekly Agile design and development routine, and redesigned their product marketing website to support a successful launch of their v2 product. Implementing a customer feedback loop and internal stakeholder feedback loop allowed for informed prioritization and effective solution design.

How We Did It

  • Improving sprint ceremonies and establishing a weekly Agile design and development routine
  • Creating an Agile feedback loop for customer and internal stakeholders to inform prioritization and solution design
  • Offering UX strategy guidance to the internal design team
  • Delivering a solution tailored to Brandzooka's timeline and budget constraints
  • Flexibly adapting our UX/UI design and Product Strategy services to changing needs as the startup grew
  • Utilized our prior understanding of Brandzooka's product market fit and target customers Providing additional support with redesigning and building a new product marketing website for the v2.0 launch

How We Did It

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