Case Study

REACH Media Network

How REACH launched a successful 2.0 version of their B2B SaaS digital signage platform by starting with a UX audit.


Scenic West has been an indispensable partner for us while we have re-written our customer-facing web portal. I expect they will be our go-to for product strategy, UX design, and user research needs for years to come

Nathan D.

The Client

REACH Media Network is a cloud-based digital signage platform that is used by organizations like college campuses, corporate offices, hospitals, and more, where their solutions help to improve campus-wide communication, streamline messaging, and share events. We first met the REACH team when they were looking for an outside perspective on their CMS user experience and navigating customer feedback.

The Goal

The REACH team was looking to modernize their user experience for B2B digital signage customers and improve their Agile product team processes for navigating customer feedback while building the 2.0 version of their content management platform. As a mid-sized B2B SaaS company that had grown steadily while maintaining a lean team, they opted for our flexible approach to providing senior UX/UI design, product strategy, and user research. They recognized the need for expertise and additional resources, but wanted to avoid hiring in-house a full-time senior design team.

Our collaboration kicked off with a full UX audit, benchmarking their user experience against B2B SaaS best practices and identifying user pain points. We provided insights and suggestions to enhance their app experience for scalable growth after looking at their product’s usability, UI design and functionality to gain insight into their overall user satisfaction. 

What started as a one-time UX audit transformed into an eventual long-term relationship, offering ongoing UX/UI design support, user research, and product strategy support during their CMS platform redesign and rebuild.

The Results

We seamlessly integrated our UX/UI design and user research support into their Agile development cycles, adapting to their dynamic needs Sprint to Sprint. Our close collaboration with their product team culminated in the successful execution of a beta launch strategy for version 2.0 of their CMS platform. The live beta is now actively gathering valuable user feedback, allowing us to establish an Agile customer feedback loop. This iterative process continuously refines the current version and unveils new product opportunities to enhance their product experience and maintain a competitive edge.

How We Did It

  • Conducted a full UX audit to identify areas for improvement and benchmark their B2B SaaS against industry best practices
  • Worked closely with their in-house Product Owner to create a Beta launch strategy
  • Provided full-service UX/UI design support integrated into their Agile development processes 
  • Worked with the product team to improve Agile processes and Scrum meeting facilitation
  • Implemented an Agile customer feedback loop to gather user feedback regularly in order to identify and prioritize product opportunities
  • Conducted unmoderated and moderated user research to validate design and development work on an ongoing basis 

How We Did It

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