Tuesday, May 14 - 2:00 PM MT

Join Scenic West at Boulder Startup Week

We’re excited to be hosting a Product/UX workshop at Boulder Startup Week on Tuesday, May 14 at 2pm MT!

Join us for “Rapid Product Discovery: A Mini UX Audit and Prioritization Exercise” to learn our lean approach to identifying quick wins for any SaaS product team that is looking to increase user engagement.

Rapid Product Discovery: A Mini UX Audit + Prioritization Exercise Workshop

A good user experience is critical to product success in today’s competitive market. Our workshop will walk SaaS product founders and teams through a mini UX audit exercise to identify product opportunities based on our SaaS UX best practices checklist, then conduct a rapid impact vs effort matrix analysis of the opportunities to produce a prioritized backlog of ideas. Attendees will receive templates and checklists to support the activity and to take with them to use in future product discovery work. We’ll also share supporting information and resources about some of our other favorite rapid discovery exercises.

Tuesday, May 14, 2024
2:00 PM MT
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Meet Erin & Aislynn

Dashboard UI UX design for HR tech

Erin Stewart, Founder

Erin Stewart is the founder of Scenic West Design, a small B2B SaaS UX and Product Strategy consultancy named after the dirt road she lived on in St Croix, US Virgin Islands. With over 15 years of Agile product and design experience, Erin has worked with 50+ SaaS companies to launch new products and iterate on existing products. She enjoys working hands-on with growing B2B SaaS companies as a fractional product leader or product strategist. Erin is visiting Boulder from her farm in Crossville, TN.

Dashboard UI UX design for HR tech

Aislynn Van Clief, Lead Product Designer

Aislynn is a Denver-based Lead Product Designer at Scenic West Design and TechStars Alum with over 10 years of SaaS product and startup experience. She presented a session titled “Tea Meets Tech: How Japanese Tea Ceremony Makes Me a Better Designer” at Denver Startup Week September 2022. Talk to her about passion projects, tea, Mexico or anything outdoor related!

We Partner with Product Leaders to Create Scalable, User-Centered B2B SaaS Product Experiences

Scenic West is a team of senior US-based product strategists, UX/UI designers, and user researchers that specialize in B2B SaaS products. We partner with teams to solve product challenges, build scalable products, and improve Agile design-dev processes. If you have an interesting product challenge you’re working on and could use help, we’d love to chat with you at Boulder Startup Week!

How We Partner With B2B SaaS Teams

Scenic West will work with you to create a collaborative, flexible partnership tailored to your unique needs and goals. We can seamlessly integrate with your team through several flexible engagement models:

Project Based

Tackle specific product challenges or initiatives with our team working closely with yours to deliver targeted solutions within defined timelines and budgets. This is best for one-off needs, but can also transition smoothly into fractional ongoing support after an initial project based engagement.

Fractional Ongoing Support

Embrace continuous improvement and innovation with our fractional ongoing support model. Embed a fractional senior product strategist and UX designer directly into your product team or have access to our team of B2B SaaS experts to work through an Agile backlog that we continuously prioritize together. Many of our partners find they can replace full-time employees or in-house teams with this cost-effective approach.


Enhance your strategic decision-making with our product and design leadership team on an advisory basis. Whether you’re establishing your product vision, exploring new growth opportunities, or implementing Agile processes, our team of B2B Saas product and UX experts can help you chart a course that ensures your product offerings remain competitive and customer-centric.


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